Amal Jarrahi, PhD

Contemporary artist and literary critic

Amal Jarrahi, an alchemist of art and words, invites you into the living canvas of her existence. Born in Bizerte, a Tunisian city nestled in the north, she has spent her life navigating between the colors of paint and the language of literature, crafting a narrative as diverse and vibrant as her art pieces.

“In the language of color and texture, I found the deepest expression of my ties to the land of my birth and the cultures that have shaped me,”

Her childhood home was always a canvas of poetry, with her poet father hosting wandering artists, sowing the seeds of a fervent passion for art. These early influences, combined with her love for literature, sparked in her an aspiration to explore the links between literature and visual arts.

Continuing her dance with words, Amal journeyed through the halls of Aix-Marseille University, weaving a tapestry of knowledge in French literature that culminated in a Ph.D. From there, she took flight to the ancient lands of Iran where she honed her talent for painting, bringing canvases to life that tell tales of her homeland.

Amal’s career is a kaleidoscope of talents. From 2010, she imparted her wisdom to young minds at the Ministry of Education in Tunisia. In 2020, her journey led her to the Higher Institute of Environmental Technologies, Urban Planning and Building, broadening her influence as an educator.

Amal’s artistry is not confined to canvases; she is a virtuoso of words, critiquing literature with a keen precision. Her published works illuminate the relationship between literature and visual arts, exploring varied themes from orientalism to silence in the works of Albert Camus.

“Each stroke is a word, each painting a narrative, reflecting the interplay of literature and visual art that has fueled my passion.”

Her paintings, like visual verses of poetry, have adorned the walls of various exhibitions in Korea. Each brushstroke on her canvas tells a story – of her land, of her characters merging with their surroundings, and of time weaving its thread through their life.

Amal Jarrahi’s world is a crossroads between art and literature, a captivating symphony that resonates with her unique perspective. Browse this site to uncover Amal’s multicolored odyssey, her achievements as a contemporary artist and literary critic, and her ceaseless exploration of the ties between literature, art, and life.


Professional Credentials

Education Background

  • February 2019: Defense of a PhD thesis (in joint supervision) in Language and
    French literature at Sfax University (Tunisia) and Aix-Marseille University (France).
    Research topics: Fancy’s poetic in Romain Gary’s novels (in French).

  • July 2013: Postgraduate master’s degree in French Literature (M.A) from El-Manar University (Tunisia)
    Research topics: Writing Strategies in The Exile and The Kingdom of Albert Camus (in French).

  • June 2008: Bachelor degree (B.A) in French Language, Literature and Civilization at Carthage University (Tunisia)
    Research topics: The writing of time in the story of childhood in Jean-Christophe de Roman Rolland (in French). 

Scientific publications

  • Amal Jarrahi, « Représentation picturale du corps : lieu de croisement entre l’Orient et l’Occident dans Mon Nom est rouge d’Orhan Pamuk » In Revue Complexus, Fès (Maroc), 2023, pp. 69-84.
  • Amal Jarrahi, « L’Orient et Venise ou la prise au piège des artistes-picaros dans Les Enchanteurs de Romain Gary et dans Le Turquetto de Metin Arditi », In Voyages et Voyageurs aux temps des Lumières, dir. Halima Ouneda, Mahbouba Sai Tlili, Arabesque, Tunisie, 2021.
  • Amal Jarrahi, « La pesanteur du classicisme français dans le champ de l’art plastique tunisien : de l’appropriation culturelle à l’internalisation du cliché orientaliste », In Revue des questions et des concepts d’avenir n° 2, Ed. MIM, Tunisie, second semestre 2020, pp. 48-60.
  • Amal Jarrahi, « Brachylogie et Silence dans l’œuvre romanesque d’Albert Camus », In Conversation et nouvelle brachylogie, dir. Victoria Ferrety, Martine Renouprez, Cipa, Mons, 2020, pp.153-161.
  • Amal Jarrahi, « L’échange épistolaire de Gary et Louis Jouvet ou l’échec d’une aventure dramatique » article issu de la journée d’étude « L’inimitié dans les correspondances des écrivains » à l’Université de Mulhouse, (en cours de publication).
  • Amal Jarrahi « L’éthos dans l’Apologie de Socrate », In Dictionnaire de la Brachylogie, (en cours de publication).

Academic conference

  • March 2022: Participation in the roundtable discussion, “The Role of the French Language in the Arts: Diversity, Universality, Parity,” organized by the Belgian Embassy in Seoul as part of the activities of the Francophone countries group in South Korea.
  • November 2021: Participation in the study day ” L’inimitié dans les correspondances des écrivains ” at the University of Melhouse (France).
    Communication presented: “L’échange épistolaire de Gary et Louis Jouvet ou l’échec d’une aventure dramaturgique” (in French).
  • April 2020 : Participation in the symposium “Littérature tunisienne et francophonie : l’être soi et l’être avec ” at the Institute of Letters of Moknine (Tunisia).
    Communication presented: “French orientalism in the field of Tunisian painting” (in French).
  • October 2019: Participation in the Third World Congress of Brachylogy in Cadiz, (Spain).
    Communication presented: “Brachylogie camusienne et esprit de conversation” (in Franch).
  • November 14-15, 2017: Participation in the symposium “The meaning of evil and its different forms of expression in literature”, Tabriz, (Iran).
    Communication presented: “La parodisation du discours psychiatrique dans Pseudo de Romain Gary ” (in Franch).
  • March 12, 2015: Doctoral seminar at the University of Sfax on the topics “Literature and Power”.
    Communication presented: “Le pouvoir destitué du bourreau ou la tyrannie du damné dans La Danse de Gengis Cohn de Romain Gary ” (in Franch).

Artistic Activities

  • May 8-12, 2023: Group Exhibition, 20th Yongsan International Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • September 2022: Solo Exhibition: Watercolor and Haiku, Vegan & Beyond Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • July 2022: Solo Exhibition, Goyu Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • October 4, 2022: Group Exhibition, 19th Yongsan International Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • June 12, 2022: Group Exhibition, The 2022 Yongsan Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
  • May 26, 2022: Group Exhibition, African Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
  • June 2012: Creation of the poster for the study day “Thinking Minority” at the Faculty of Humanities of Tunis.